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The quality is poor and the crowd noise is loud at the end!

(transcript below)

February 11, 2008

Barack Obama's closing remarks at the First Mariner Arena:

...imagining and then working for then fighting for, struggling for what did not seem possible before. That's the opportunity that we have right now. That's the opportunity you have tomorrow, Maryland.

You know, there is a moment...There is a moment....and especially young people need to listen to this. Young people especially need to listen to this. There is a moment in the life of every generation, if it is to make it's mark history, where that spirit of hope has to come true. When we shed the fear and the doubt. Where we stop believing that cynicism is wisdom. Cynisism is not being wise; cynisim is just being lazy. You just give up; you say nothing can change. There's a time when we get rid of that attitude where we join together arm in arm and we remake this country block by block, precinct by precinct, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county, state by state. There's a moment where we don't just settle for what the cynics tell us we have to accept. Where we reach for more. Not just the world as it is but for the world as it might be. Where we insist that we've got to give the next generation the same chace that somebody gave us. Where we decide to keep the dream alive for those who still hunger for justice and still thirst for opportunity. Let me tell ya, this is our moment! This is our time! and if you will stand with me, if you will vote for me if you will walk alongside me and march with me and organize with me, then we won't just win Maryland, we will win this nomination and we will win the general election and you and i will together, we will change this country and we will change the world! God bless you guys.

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