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Pictures from my first few weeks in Swaziland
August/September 2002

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This is the front of my host-family's house.  Notice the other buildings (to the right)where some of my siblings sleep. That's one of the mango trees sneaking into the right side of the picture

"Uncley Siphiwo" and his Swazi nephew Khetho (Keh-tow)
one bright morning before work and pre-school, respectively.

From the hill called Encakamatje, looking Southwest over Mbikwakhe (mBee-GWA-kay) the area where I lived. You can see the white buildings of the University of Swaziland at Kwaluseni in the distance. Our homestead is the one directly above the tree closest to the bottom left corner.

I went to part of the Umhlanga Reed Dance the first weekend I was here. It's a large tourist attraction-about 30,000 Swazi maidens in traditional attire bring reeds to build a fence for the queen mother's home,and to dance for the king. Swazis have mixed views about the ceremony and it's value. Especially since the king has recently taken is 10th wife-an 18 year-old.

Here's an umlungu (white person) who really got into the reed dance ceremony!

My brother Muzi manning the Braai at a welcoming party my family had for me.

Siphiwo and his cake.   Babe's (BAH-bay = father) friend and fellow pastor
(in the white on the left) came to the welcoming party too .

This is my sister Sithembile (s'TEM-bee-lay) whom I assisted in coordinating the FBS-Health Team.

These bananas were a gift from a relative whom we visited one day.
Babe cut them from the tree when they were still very green.
Here Make (Ma-gay = mother) and I are enjoying them ripened after church one Sunday!

Here's a picture of two members of the Health Team.
Hlobi (dressed up after a wedding) is on the left.  She's the contact person there
for MCC's SALT and IVEP programs. Mshengu, on the right, is an energetic
young man who really made me feel welcome there.

SwaziPictures 1     SwaziPictures 2    SwaziPictures 3     SwaziPictures 4

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