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Pictures from my last weeks in Swaziland (July/August 2003)

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Sithembile and Ncobile, two of my Swazi sisters, checking out some pictures.

Make and Babe Dlamini examine tokens of appreciation from Make and Babe Hess!
Dwayne and Andrea carried the handmade wallhanging with them when they came to visit

This bin and the one in front of it (bottom right) stores the maize (corn) that my host family raised.  They were both nearly full after the harvest.

Here Dwayne and I eyeing up some fruit at Mahlanya Market.
Mmmm... grapefruits and pineapples!

The FBS Health Team's office was located inside the FLAS building pictured here.  That's Dwayne posing there with me.

I couldn't resist getting a picture with a Massey Ferguson.
Their characteristic diesel rythm often reminded me of home.  This one is very similar to the old 175 that I grew up with on the farm.

Church at the Malaza homestead (Phillip Church) with the Health Team and Dwayne & Andrea.  The church building is the leftmost round thatched building.  How many people do you think can fit inside?

The Health Team posing with the Malaza family and other church members.  Sandile Malaza, who is standing to the left of Andrea, is currently living in Michigan as a participant in MCC's International Visitor Exchange Program (IVEP)

These four staggered pictures were taken in the Malolotja Nature Reserve in northern Swaziland.
Absolutely amazing! Keep in mind, these were taken in the dry season (July).  In the last one, though it's not perfectly clear, you can see fires sweeping across the grassy mountains, a common "winter" sight.


Andrea snapped this picture near a place called Malkerns in central Swaziland.
That looks like sugarcane growing there in the middle

SwaziPictures 1     SwaziPictures 2    SwaziPictures 3     SwaziPictures 4

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